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Who We Are

Dr. Awad and his team at Desert Surgical & Bariatric Specialists believe in a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach which is crucial to ensuring the best possible care, maximum weight loss, and positive outcome for his bariatric patients.

Dr. Ramy A. Awad M.D.
Weight Loss Surgery Expert
Dr. Awad and his team work closely with a variety of specialists, including cardiologists, endocrinologists, plastic surgeons, family medicine doctors, pulmonologists, personal trainers and nutritionists.
He offers lifelong care, realizing that obesity is a chronic condition and that surgery is a tool in the larger armamentarium of comprehensive treatments. Dr. Awad and his multidisciplinary team provide the very highest level of care with specialists to assist in every aspect of your weight-loss journey. This provides the patient with a set of tools and personal guidance for a lifetime of success.
Licensed Board Certified Bariatric Surgeon
Dr. Awad and his team at Desert Surgery & Bariatric Specialists believe in a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach which is crucial to ensuring the best possible care, outcome, and long-term weight loss for all his bariatric patients.
Dr. Awad considers weight loss surgery to be one of the most beneficial and rewarding operations any surgeon can perform. The possibility of helping patients to cure or significantly improve their obesity related medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes or sleep apnea, as well as adding years to their longevity is tremendously fulfilling.
Dr. Awad has maintained experience in all aspects of general surgery including gallbladder removal, anti reflux, herinia, as well as gastrointestinal and colon cancer surgeries. However, his keenest interest has been to embrace the tremendous benefits of advanced laparoscopic surgery for virtually all abdominal operations.
Dr. Awad is a member of several medical organizations including the American Society of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgeons as well as the Society of the American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons.
His greatest satisfaction comes from watching his patients' lives transform as they start discovering a whole new world and the possibilities life offers with the benefit of surgical weight loss. He makes sure his patients are motivated, eating healthy, changing undesired patterns, exercising, and more than anything... enjoying life!
He not only pushes others to reach for higher goals, he continues to expand his diverse credentials and experience
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All Dr. Awad's surgeries are performed at a Center of Excellence facility. Dr. Awad & his designated team of specialists includes a bariatric coordinator, dietician, and nursing professionals all specially trained to meet the needs of the post-surgical bariatric patient.
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