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LAP-BAND® Surgery

The Benefits of

LAP-BAND® Surgery

Medical research throughout the world agree that bariatric surgery is on the rise and there’s a lot of information out there, but many individuals who could benefit remain apprehensive about addressing their weight with a surgical intervention. With multiple procedures available it can be difficult for prospective patients to evaluate the different surgeries and determine which one is right for them. An increasingly popular choice is lap band surgery, the least invasive form of bariatric surgery. This procedure can provide many benefits in terms of health and quality of life. The lap band is also FDA approved for individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or above if there is a serious weight-related comorbidity.

Lap band surgery is relatively quick and is the shortest of the bariatric procedures; you will spend less time in the operating theatre and under anesthesia. Lap band surgery is also an outpatient procedure; you will go home the same day and recover more quickly, especially important for individuals with families to take care of and/or those who cannot take much leave from work. Unlike other procedures there is no vitamin malabsorption and there are no off-limits foods. Lap band patients report significant reductions in severity of BMI-related disorders such as diabetes and sleep apnea, and in many patients these disorders resolve entirely.

The surgery involves placing a small, adjustable band around your stomach that reduces the amount of food it can hold. This also results in a feeling of fullness and appetite suppression after small meals. This band is adjusted post-surgery in your surgeon’s office via a tiny port in your skin, tightening or loosening as needed to find your own personal ‘sweet spot.’ And finally, if you ultimately decide that you don’t want or need the device anymore, the procedure is fully reversible. The band can be removed easily with another laparoscopic procedure at any time.

Considering Lap Band Surgery?

If you think a lap band surgery may be right for you,

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